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Levittown U.S.A. Summer 2022

"There are no words to truly capture my experience with the ECC this past summer. Working in Italy gave me so much perspective on the world as a whole, allowed me to make lifelong connections with students and other counselors, and challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone in ways that I never have before. The entire team at the ECC is so warm and welcoming and ensured that every counselor felt at home just a few short hours after arriving in Assisi. I gained so many invaluable skills this summer that I will carry into the rest of my professional and personal life. If you like working with kids and want a life-changing 'going abroad' experience, I can't recommend anything more than working for the ECC."

Georgetown, U.S.A. Summer 2018

"I wanted to thank you guys for what was without a doubt one of the best experiences, let alone summers, of my life. Not only were all of the camps and tutors exciting and fun, you two are responsible for my having had such a wonderful experience, one that I would have never lived otherwise. I had no idea directing and tutoring for 8 weeks could be so profoundly enjoyable. Meeting new people and families was such a lovely experience and I know for a fact I will keep in contact with them. One family in particular, is already planning for me to visit in the winter. 
You two are such awesome people and it was a real pleasure to get to know you. I hope to catch up in the future, whether it be through another experience with English camp or just through travels. I really felt like we were all a big family over the summer, and I know a lot of tutors and directors felt similarly. I miss camp already."


Santa Barbara, U.S.A. Summer 2022


"Throughout my life, I had dreamt of visiting Europe and immersing myself with foreign cultures, all while giving back to a larger purpose. The ECC allowed me to fulfill this dream of mine, because the camp founders (Nate and Ashleigh) and staff coordinator (Alessio) were so helpful, generous, and welcoming. From the day you arrive in Italy to your last day at summer camp, The ECC staff serve as supportive and very knowledgeable cultural guides, which maximizes your overall experience in Europe! 


Furthermore, the staff is passionate about their camp's mission: to teach English and instill in children, a love for learning it.  As a U.S. teacher, I believe that The ECC successfully teaches European children to learn English, so organically and smoothly. The ECC is able to do so through their fun camp songs, engaging activities, and invigorating lessons, which are thoroughly explained to English tutors and the camp director during a memorable orientation week!


If you are thinking about applying, do not think about it twice. Apply for the opportunity of a life changing summer experience!"


Coventry, U.K. Summer 2013 - 2016


"Working at The E.C.C. is a truly unique experience which allows you to get to the very heart of Italian and Austrian culture. I was nervous about travelling alone for the first time, but after meeting Ashleigh, Nate and all the other tutors in Assisi, those worries were soon left behind and replaced with a sense of community and comfort. The memories I've made and the host families and friends I've met over the past two summers will stay with me forever. I recommend without a single doubt or reservation to work for the English Camp Company. It really is the definition of  "the summer of a lifetime"."


Denison University, U.S.A. Summer 2022


"The English Camp company was such a great summer camp experience. I am hoping to become a teacher after college and camp gave me the confidence to be in the classroom and lead activities! The friendships I made through the program made my time in Italy so memorable. My favorite part of camp was definitely spending time with my host families. The families really do make you feel like you are a part of the family. I was able to learn so much about Italian culture whether that was through making homemade gnocchi, playing games with the host kids, going on day trips, or going to the beach after camp with them. You really get to know your family and make strong connections with them. The hardest part of camp was honestly the end when we had to say bye to each other! The relationships you make don’t just last the summer but they continue even after camp ends. I will never forget my experience at ECC and can’t wait to come back to Italy and visit someday!"

Winnipeg, Canada, Summer 2015

"Hands down, teaching English with ECC was one of the best teaching experiences I’ve ever had! Ashleigh and Nate (and their entire team) are awesome, the host families are incredible but above all, the kids are what make this such a rewarding experience. They are just so eager and excited about English camp that it’s pretty hard not to smilie like 100 times a day. I will say that it’s not always easy and it can be challenging at times, especially if you’ve never worked with Italian kids before but honestly, the camp directors provide so much support that it’s pretty hard not to have a good time. And seriously, if I had to choose between teaching Italians or Canadians, I’d choose Italians any day! Bottom line, if you enjoy working with kids and want an incredible summer experience, then you need to come to Italy and work with ECC."

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