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Who can apply?

All native English speakers are eligible to apply, regardless of where you are living.


If I apply with a friend, and we are both accepted, can we volunteer at the same camps?

Maybe - there are lots of factors that go into planning each camp.

Is there a fee for the application or for the practical orientation?
There is no charge to apply for our program or for the orientation.

Do I need a TEFL certificate or equivalent to be able to apply?
No, you don't need a TEFL certificate. However if you volunteer with us you have the opportunity to complete a free 120-hour TEFL course via The TEFL Institute.   

Orientation - summer job, summer camp, English Camp, teach English, camp counselor
Camp counselors with their camp director. Summer Camp in Italy

Camp Life F.A.Q.


Is the ECC program like teaching in a school or is it more like summer camp?

It is a combination of both - although more summer camp than school. It is teaching English in a FUN, energetic, interactive way through the use of games, songs, and activities. 


When do we find out which camps we will go to?

At the end of orientation you find out your first camp location. We tell you during the second week of each camp, where your next camp will be.


Where are the camps located?
The camps are located in small towns throughout Italy & Austria. You change location every two weeks and your camps may be in Italy or Austria.

Are the camps day camps or overnight camps?
Most of our camps are day camps, however the times can vary slightly from camp to camp.


How long is each camp?
Most camps are 2 weeks long and are from Monday to Friday. We do have a couple of one week camps.

Live your best life. Make new friends. Summer job at The English Camp Company
Change a child's life this summer. Make new friends. Two girls with their Camp counselor, English tutor.

Program Dates F.A.Q.


What are the program dates?

You can find the program dates on the "Apply" page of our website.

I can't come to the orientation. Should I still apply?

All accepted applicants must attend one of the practical orientations. Our main orientation is in June. There is a second orientation from 2nd July. There will probably be a 3rd orientation from later in July/beginning of August..

Are there camps all summer?
Yes, camps run from June through to mid-September. 


How long can I volunteer for? 
The minimum is: Orientation + 
4 weeks of camp. You can choose to volunteer for the whole summer if you would like! Just specify your available dates on the application form.

Travel F.A.Q.


Do I get to visit Italy & Austria?
It depends on which program you take part in. Most camps in June & July are in Italy. Most of the Austrian camps take place in July & August. 


Can we travel at the weekend at our own expense?

If you are not required to travel to the next camp and the camp director & your host family say it's ok, then you are allowed to do a day trip at the weekend in the middle of the camp. However, host families are so excited to have someone staying with them, that they want you to meet the rest of the family, they arrange big family meals and often want to take you to places at the weekend. The families are extremely hospitable and love to show you off to their neighbors and friends!

Rome, Italy
Hallstatt - day trip with host families
The Amalfi coast
Tutors with their host families

Host Families F.A.Q.

Will I stay with a new host family each camp?

Yes. The camps are in different towns, so each camp you stay with a different host family.


How are the host families chosen?

Host families have a child attending the camp and they have offered to host a tutor or camp director in their home. The camp organiser is responsible for selecting the host families for the tutors and camp director.


How often do I change host families?

At the end of each camp - for every new camp location. 

Do I get free time from my host family?

Host families aren't hotels. This is a fully immersive program - it is full on! After camp, you don't have to babysit your host kids, but we do expect that you spend time with your host family. They have waited the whole year to have you stay in their home! 


Staff F.A.Q.

What age are the camp counselors?
Camp Counselors tend to be university students or graduates, however regardless of your age we will still happily look at your application.


How many camp counselors are together at one camp?

​It depends on the number of children at the camp. The number of counselors at one camp could range from 2 to 7 tutors. 


Will I be with the same counselors all summer?

No, we mix camp counselors around during the summer. ​


What is the best piece of advice for a new ECC Camp Counselor?

Don't be afraid to be silly and ridiculous with the kids at camp! Lose all your inhibitions and don't "act cool"! The sillier and more involved and energetic you are, the more the kids will love you! Be prepared to immerse yourself in new cultures!

What will I gain from this experience?

This program offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and development. While this experience may present challenges, it also provides a valuable chance to overcome them, fostering strength and adaptability. Engaging in the local culture, from savoring traditional cuisine to immersing oneself in the rich history and heritage of these regions, further enriches this transformative journey.

Silly, goofy camp counselors
Camp Counselors have to be crazy!
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