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  • Monday - Friday

  • approximately 9 am - 5 pm

  • change camp location every 2 weeks

  • stay with local host families during the camps

Timetable varies between camps but it is generally:


9:00  - Warm up (Songs and Games)

9:45   - English Class
11:00  - Break
11:20  - English Class
13:00  - Lunch
14:00  - Afternoon Activity 
15:30  - Break
15:45  - Afternoon Activity
17:00  - Home

Morning: Prepare English lessons for your own class. The lessons are fun & informative and taught using games and songs.

Afternoon: The Camp Counselor team work together to organise activities for the children in teams. Afternoon Activities vary daily and could consist of:

  • Sports 

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Cultural Activities etc.

The Final Show: It is on the last Friday of every camp in and each class prepares a short play with their tutor to perform. All the parents are invited and it gives the parents the opportunity to see what their children have learned.

Sports in English
Afternoon Team Activities in English
Teach English in a fun interactive way

During the camps you stay with local host families that have a child attending the camp. This cultural immersion is a huge part of our summer program, so you must be prepared to jump into family life outside of camp and be with your host family! It can be full on at times but the key to having the most wonderful time with them is to always say 'yes'! It will be the most rewarding experience and quite often it is everyone's favourite part of the summer.

Families will pamper you with great dinners and include you in their family events. Camps are in small towns throughout Italy & Austria and some families may have never met a foreign person before, and therefore will be very excited to have you staying at their house. They love to show you their local area, and show you off to friends and family!


You will have your own room and all meals are provided by the family. Host families aren't hotels; they make you feel like part of their family and lasting friendships are often made! Many counselors still keep in contact with their past host families!


We always ask camp tutors and directors to recognize that the host families are from a different culture to ours and therefore respect their different customs; they always respect ours. 

**There may be a few camps each summer, where the accommodation is in a local hotel or an apartment.

Host Family day trips
Home stays with local families
Home away from Home
Austrian culture, Dirndl
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