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The ECC was founded by Nate & Ashleigh in 2008 and has been organising English Summer Camps for over 15 years. 


The camps are in small towns throughout Italy & Austria for children aged 6 to 14 years old.  We offer an enjoyable, interactive atmosphere where children can use everyday English and improve their knowledge of the English language in a fun, relaxed summer camp environment.  

At the camps we want to instill a desire to learn more English, to show the students that they can do it, and that learning English is fun. No one will ever learn a language without making mistakes; at our camps we don't ask the children to speak English perfectly, we only ask them to try their best.

We started English Camp with the idea of bringing fun, well organized activities to Italian and Austrian children at a reasonable price for their families. The children that attend English Camp not only have the chance to learn English while enjoying themselves and trying new activities, but they also form wonderful relationships with the tutors from different cultures.

The ECC experience provides a remarkable opportunity for profound personal growth and self-discovery. It pushes individuals into an environment marked by cultural, linguistic, and logistical differences. These challenges while demanding, serve as invaluable catalysts for personal development. Overcoming language barriers and adapting to social norms and customs not only build resilience but also foster adaptability. This equips volunteers with essential life skills, broadening their perspectives, and allowing them to emerge from the experience as more culturally aware, empathetic, and versatile individuals. 


We think English Camp is something special and should be a great experience for everyone that takes part - the schools that host the camps, the children, the tutors & camp directors, the host families, and of course us. We take a lot of pride in doing our part to create so many smiles.


So come join us at camp this Summer and you might just change a child's life as well as your own!

Nate, Ashleigh, Toby, Isabella

& Cassie & Alba (our dogs!) 

The ECC Family

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