Oxford, U.K., Summer 2011, 2012 & 2013

"I worked as a tutor for The English Camp Company and it was a great experience! It was a fantastic opportunity to work at fun summer camps throughout Italy and Austria as it gave me the chance to travel and experience such interesting cultures. I met some really fascinating and fun people and made lifelong friends not only with other tutors but also the host families. I would recommend the E.C.C. to anyone who wants an unforgettable summer!"

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New York, USA, Summer 2012 "Working with The E.C.C. this summer has been a life-changing experience. I immediately felt comfortable when greeted by Nate and Ashleigh at the train station in Assisi. The families provided a perfect way to experience the authentic culture in Italy and Austria and all of the families made me feel at home; one even hosted my parents during their trip to Rome! Although I was a little apprehensive about having my own classroom, I quickly learned that the children are enthusiastic, ready to learn and play. This summer has given me a new and profound outlook on life, and a day does not go by when I don't think about the wonderful food that I have eaten and the amazing people that I have met during my adventure."


Coventry, U.K. Summer 2013 - 2016 "Working at The E.C.C. is a truly unique experience which allows you to get to the very heart of Italian and Austrian culture. I was nervous about travelling alone for the first time, but after meeting Ashleigh, Nate and all the other tutors in Assisi, those worries were soon left behind and replaced with a sense of community and comfort. The memories I've made and the host families and friends I've met over the past two summers will stay with me forever. I recommend without a single doubt or reservation to work for the English Camp Company. It really is the definition of  "the summer of a lifetime"."


Winnipeg, Canada, Summer 2015

Hands down, teaching English with ECC was one of the best teaching experiences I’ve ever had! Ashleigh and Nate (and their entire team) are awesome, the host families are incredible but above all, the kids are what make this such a rewarding experience. They are just so eager and excited about English camp that it’s pretty hard not to smilie like 100 times a day. I will say that it’s not always easy and it can be challenging at times, especially if you’ve never worked with Italian kids before but honestly, the camp directors provide so much support that it’s pretty hard not to have a good time. And seriously, if I had to choose between teaching Italians or Canadians, I’d choose Italians any day! Bottom line, if you enjoy working with kids and want an incredible summer experience, then you need to come to Italy and work with ECC.