The English Camp Company

frequently asked questions

application process F.a.Q 

1.  Who can apply?

All native English speakers are eligible to apply, regardless of where you are living.

2.  What are the costs? What do I have to pay for?
All accepted tutors and camp directors are required to pay for their travel to Italy before the summer commences, and their travel costs from their final camp. You must provide health insurance to work with us (you are not covered under our insurance program).

The English Camp Company pays for all accommodation and food expenses during the camps and travel expenses between camps.

3.  Do I need to have health insurance?
You must have health insurance that is valid in Europe to work
with us; tutors and camp directors are not covered under our insurance program.

​19. When will I know if I have been accepted?
We will let you know if you have been accepted in April or possibly earlier. The closing deadline is Friday 14th April 2017 and unfortunately we cannot accept any applications that arrive after this date. We will let you know shortly after this date if your application has been successful or not.

20. Is there a charge for the application or for the orientation week?
There is no charge to apply for our program or for the orientation week.

21. Do I need a TEFL certificate or equivalent to be able to apply?
No, you don't need a TEFL certificate. However if you interested in getting a TEFL qualification, we are pleased to be able to advertise with the following organisations, who offer TEFL courses: 

camp life F.a.Q.

6. When do we find out which camps we will go to?

We tell tutors where their first camp is at the end of orientation week. We tell you during the second week of each camp, where their next camp will be.

7. Where are the camps located?
The camps are located in small towns throughout Italy and 

8.  Are the camps day camps or overnight camps?
Most of our camps are day camps, however the times can vary slightly from camp to camp.

9. How long is each camp?
Each camp is 2 weeks long and they run from Monday to Friday.

program dates f.a.q.

5. When is Orientation?

Arrival Day in Assisi: 10th June 2017
Orientation takes place in Assisi, Italy beginning on 10th June 2017. It is obligatory for all tutors and camp directors to attend the orientation week. Following orientation on Saturday 17th June, tutors will travel to their first camps. 

The past couple of years we have also had a later orientation towards the end of June, but we don't know yet if we will need to have a second orientation this summer.

If you can't make the first orientation, we would encourage you to still apply, and simply write your available dates on the application form, so we can take them into consideration.  

4. What are the dates for the summer?
Camps run from June through to Friday 8th September. Camps begin the Monday immediately following the orientation week.

10.  How long can I work for? Is it flexible?
You can specify on the application form, your availability. Accepted applicants are given specific work dates. They may not be the exact dates you wrote on your application.

11. What are the end dates?

​We have various end dates throughout the summer. Every tutor will have a different schedule of dates for the summer.

12. Can I choose the dates I work? 

No - you can specify your availability on the application form, but everyone is given different dates. Your end date may not necessarily be the end date you specified. When accepted, we discuss your work dates with you. 

travel F.A.Q.

13.  Would I get to travel to both Italy & Austria?
It depends on how many weeks you are asked to work for; our Austrian camps tend to take place in August. Most of our camps take place in Italy.

14.  Can we travel at the weekend?
You can travel at the weekend (with agreement by the camp director and the family you are staying with), and if you are not required to travel to the next camp. However, many families are so excited to have a tutor staying with them, that they want you to meet the rest of the family, or they arrange a big family meal or want to take you to places at the weekend. The families are extremely hospitable and love to show you off to their neighbors and friends! If you wish to travel at the weekend, travel and food is at your own expense.

host families f.a.q.

15.  Will I stay with a new host family every camp?
Yes. The camps are in different towns, so each camp you stay with a different host family.

16. How are host families selected?
Host families have a child attending the camp and they have offered to host a tutor or camp director in their home. The camp organizer is responsible for selecting the host families for the tutors and camp director.

17. How often do I change host families?

Every two weeks - for every new camp. 

tutors f.a.q.

16. What age are the tutors?
Tutors tend to be university students or graduates, however regardless of your age we will still happily look at your application.

17. How many tutors work together at one camp?

​It depends on the number of children at the camp. The number of tutors at one camp could range from 2 to 7 tutors. 

18. Would I work with the same tutors all summer?

No, we mix tutors around during the summer.