Once you are accepted as a Tutor or Camp Director, you will be required to come to Orientation in Assisi, Italy. During the orientation you will learn examples of games, songs and classroom activities that you can use at camp, as well as the cultural differences between Austrian and Italian children and families. 

During the orientation week you will also have the opportunity to work with the other tutors at a mini English Camp. Here you can practice the things you have previously learned and become accustomed to how English Camp runs in terms of the daily and weekly Camp Schedule. You will work together with the other tutors to decide the Camp Schedule and you will have the opportunity to plan creative lessons for a small group of children. This mini camp gives you an idea of what a real camp is like, what ideas, games and songs work and also helps you overcome any nerves you may have!

The more creative you can be at camp, the better, and we always look forward to seeing new ideas!

Some children have been to English Camp several times and may know certain songs and games; so you must bring new games, songs and ideas to English Camp! The orientation week gives us the opportunity to get to know you, and be able to place you at camps that we think will suit you the best.

Where: Assisi, Italy

When: 10th June 2017

(sometimes there is a second orientation later in June)

It is compulsory for all accepted tutors and Camp Directors to attend the orientation week. Camps commence after the orientation week and run through to the beginning of September.


the final show

The Final Show takes place on the final afternoon or evening of the camp. The tutors and children plan the show together during the course of the two weeks.

The parents are invited and it provides them with an opportunity to see what their children have learned during the camp.

Travel COSTS

You are required to pay for your trip to Assisi, Italy for the orientation and your travel expenses from your final camp of the summer. Your travel expenses during the summer between the camps will be paid by The E.C.C.


During the camps you will live with a local family that has offered to host a tutor. This experience is a fantastic one, and the families will pamper you with great dinners and include you in their family events. Some towns where camps are located are not big tourist areas and some families may never have met a foreign person before, and therefore will be very excited to have you staying at their house. They love to show you their local area, and show you off to friends and family!

You will have your own room and all meals will be provided by the family. Host families aren't hotels; they make you feel like part of their family and lasting friendships are often made! Many returning tutors still keep in contact with their past host families!

We always ask our tutors and camp directors to recognize that our host families are from a different culture to ours and therefore respect their different customs; they always respect ours. 

The English Camp Company

A typical day at camp


9:00  - Arrive and Warm up (Songs and Games)
9:45   - English Class with your Tutor
11:15    - Snack
11:45   - English Class
13:00  - Lunch
14:00  - Afternoon Activities *
15:30  - Snack
15:45  - Afternoon Activity
17:00  - Home

* Afternoon Activities vary daily and could consist of:

Sports e.g. Kickball, Crab Football, Relay Races
Treasure Hunts
Obstacle Courses
Game Shows e.g. Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune
Cultural Activities e.g. Egg Toss or Halloween
Invented games!




If you are looking for something different to do during the summer holiday then becoming a Tutor (Camp Counsellor) with The E.C.C. is one of the best Summer Camp Jobs you could have! When you teach English abroad with us, it is not a vacation but in some respects it's better. Tutors not only teach English to elementary and middle school students in a fun, summer camp environment, but during the camps they live with local host families and have the opportunity to experience Italian or Austrian cultures firsthand! 

Our fun summer camps each last 2 weeks and are from approximately 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. The camps are located in towns throughout Italy and Austria and tutors move to a new camp every 2 weeks. It is an exciting, cultural experience!

In the morning, tutors have their own small group and prepare English lessons for their morning English class. The lessons are fun yet informative. During the afternoon the tutors work together to organize an afternoon activity for the children who are then all mixed together in teams. The activities vary from camp to camp and are based on the tutors' likes and dislikes; sports, game shows, and cultural activities from the tutors' home countries are always the most popular. A perfect example of an American cultural activity is the egg or water balloon toss.